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Can a DUI conviction lead to deportation?

Drunk driving offenses are some of the most commonly charged crimes in California courts, and they affect people from all …

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When can I seek asylum to remain in the United States?

Asylum seekers are commonly fleeing persecution in their home countries and are already in the United States. Such people may …

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Bay Area could be part of immigrant deportation/removal crackdown

For immigrants in San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland and throughout Northern California, the dream of entering the United States to …

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Eligibility requirements for green cards through family

People come to California for many different reasons. Many are here for a short time and return to their home …

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Eligibility requirements for cancellation of removal

Many people come to California from other countries every year. When people come to the U.S., they come for a …

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Types of visas that people need to be in the United States

There are many different opportunities for people from other countries in California. Because of this, many people move here to …

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