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Family-based immigrant visas allow relatives of citizens and lawful permanent residents to live in the United States. There are several categories of family-based visas.

You can have a lawyer assist you with your relative’s immigration to the United States.

Getachew & Ansari Immigration Attorneys, P.C. is a family-based visa lawyer in San Jose.

Through legal representation, we change lives and help keep families together. Let us represent you with compassion and excellence in the family visa process. Contact us now.

Family Visa Lawyer in San Jose

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We offer legal help with family visas. Here is what you need to know first:

  • Your close family members may qualify to come to the United States.
  • Qualification is available to close families of citizens and lawful permanent residents.
  • Federal immigration rules apply in San Jose and throughout the United States.
  • You can get legal help to file an immigrant visa for your relative.

The process for family-based visas can be confusing. Mistakes can delay the process — or even result in the petition being denied.

With Getachew & Ansari Immigration Attorneys, P.C., you have a professional team to handle your case. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their immigration goals.

What is a family-based visa?

A family-based visa is approved for close family members to live in the United States. It is permission to travel to and remain in the country permanently, granted based on being a relative of a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident.

Who is eligible for a family visa in the USA?

Husbands, wives, children, parents, and siblings may be eligible for a family visa. The citizen or lawful resident is the petitioner and sponsor of their relative. The person coming to the United States is the applicant or beneficiary. An applicant must not be inadmissible for any reason or qualify for a waiver of inadmissibility.

Who can sponsor a family relative to get a visa to the United States?

You may sponsor a family relative for a U.S. immigrant visa if:

  • You are a citizen or lawful permanent resident.
  • You are not disqualified from sponsoring for any reason. Certain criminal convictions may disqualify a U.S. citizen from petitioning for anyone to immigrate to the U.S.
  • You can financially support your relative(s) and agree to support them as necessary.

To sponsor a relative, you must prove your qualifying familial relationship.

Immigrant Visas: Immediate Relative and Family Preference

There are two categories of family preference visas — immediate relative visas and family preference visas.

Immediate relative visas

  • IR1/CR1: Spouses of U.S. citizens
  • IR2: Unmarried children under 21 of U.S. citizens
  • IR5: Parents of U.S. citizens

Family preference visas

  • F1: Unmarried sons and daughters over 21 of U.S. citizens
  • F2A: Spouses and unmarried children under 21 of legal permanent residents
  • F2B: Unmarried sons and daughters 21+, of legal permanent residents
  • F3: Married sons and daughters of U.S. citizens
  • F4: Siblings of U.S. citizens

Immediate relative visas are unlimited. The U.S. government does not limit the number of people who receive them. Family preference visas are granted in limited numbers each year.


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How To Get a Family-Based Visa for a Relative

Getting a family-based visa for a relative starts by submitting Form I-130 – Petition for Alien Relative. You submit the form to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

The sponsor is the petitioner. They file Form I-130 on behalf of their beneficiary. Form I-130 requires detailed background information to prove the identities of those involved and eligibility.

In addition to the petition, you submit supporting documents, which vary based on your situation. Examples may include a marriage certificate, birth certificate, proof of divorce or death for previous marriages, passport photos, and a filing fee.

After you submit your documents, USCIS reviews them. Once approved, they send your case to the Department of State National Visa Center (NVC) if your relative resides outside the United States. Even with an approved petition, there may be a wait for a visa number if your visa category is limited.

NVC will schedule an interview with the family member. There is also a medical exam required. We will help you prepare and explain what you need to know.

How a Lawyer Helps

Lawyer Medya Ansari can assist you with:

  • Determining which category of visa to apply for
  • Identifying potential grounds for inadmissibility and waivers that may apply
  • Helping natural children, adopted, and stepchildren
  • Gathering the paperwork
  • Preparing for your interview and things to bring
  • Working efficiently for the earliest priority date
  • Making a timely application for a visa when available
  • Renewing a visa or adjusting status once in the country
  • Guiding the path to U.S. citizenship, if desired, including residency requirements
  • Explaining the process and answering your questions

At Getachew & Ansari Immigration Attorneys, P.C., we stay up to date on the latest developments in immigration law. The rules can change, but we are ready to assist you with the steps you need to take.

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