Bay Area could be part of immigrant deportation/removal crackdown

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For immigrants in San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland and throughout Northern California, the dream of entering the United States to live and work is something they have long aspired to. Once that has been achieved, they will likely feel happiness and relief. However, in the current political climate in which immigrants are often viewed negatively, there could be fear that their American experience will be taken away from them by a knock at the door from law enforcement. Having legal representation can be imperative to avoid deportation/removal.

The latest attempt by the current President and his administration to pursue those accused of illegal immigration is underway. The plan includes Border Patrol agents assigned to help federal officers in arresting and deporting people who are in the country illegally. A significant number of these agents are trained in border-related drug arrests. They will assist Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Although it was not disclosed where the border agents would be sent, the Bay Area might be targeted along with other so-called “sanctuary” cities. During this Presidency, there has been renewed intensity from federal agencies to enforce the immigration laws. Immigrants have been portrayed in a poor light. These statements have come from the president himself as well as those who work for and support him in his efforts. He asserts that cities with substantial numbers of undocumented immigrants have higher crime rates. This may not be statistically accurate.

Many Northern California areas including Oakland and San Francisco provide sanctuary to undocumented immigrants. City leaders say that undocumented people who are targeted despite not having committed crimes hinders everyone’s safety. These individuals are more fearful of contacting law enforcement when they have been victimized. Although the general policy for ICE is to look for people who are undocumented and have committed crimes, otherwise law-abiding people could be caught up in the raids and subject to removal.

The operation has not yet started. When it does, immigrants around the Bay Area should be protected from illegal treatment. A law firm that has experience in immigration law can be of assistance. Whether the person has lived in the United States for a long time or not, has a criminal conviction or faces other factors, legal help with deportation/removal can be essential. Calling for advice may be a wise step for help during immigration enforcement.

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