Seeking citizenship through naturalization

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United States citizenship grants an individual certain rights and privileges and may be a desirable path for some who are currently living in the Bay Area. One option for seeking citizenship is through the naturalization process. This post provides some basic information on naturalization but is not legal advice. Readers who want to know more about naturalization can contact their trusted immigration law attorneys.


There are many requirements to complete the naturalization process. One of the steps that a person must move through is testing. A person who wishes to become a citizen through naturalization must pass a test on American civics and history as well as an examination of their English proficiency. English proficiency may be tested in writing, through speaking, and through other means of communication.

Individuals who suffer from physical or mental disabilities may be able to seek accommodations when planning to take their naturalization tests. Additionally, specific individuals can be exempt from taking the English portion of the test.

Everyone who takes the naturalization tests has two opportunities to pass it; if an individual fails the test the first time, a second test is generally scheduled 2 to 3 months later. The failure to pass the test on the second try may result in a denial of the individual’s application to naturalize.

Other requirements

Aside from testing, individuals seeking citizenship through naturalization must meet other legal requirements. Missing steps in the naturalization process may result in delays on decisions or denials of citizenship status.

Although there are no guarantees in immigration law, individuals who wish to naturalize may consider seeking the help of attorneys who work in the immigration and naturalization fields. These professionals can provide clients with guidance that specifically answers their questions and needs.

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